Skin types and conditions: normal, dry, dehydrated, aging, sun damaged. Retinol Reverse & Repair re-energizes aging skin. These two formulas actually helps reverse the signs of aging, while making the skin look younger, healthier, and glowingly vibrant. Liposomal delivery system ensures that these essential nutrients are absorbed into the skin. The nutrients in these formulations are delivered directly to the skin by lipid nourishment. This technology provides immediate results that plump the membranes of the skin. This action reduces fine lines and wrinkles as well as hyperpigmentation. This is highly emollient and may cause some slight peeling of old or dead cells. Mild stinging may be experienced during application. This will quickly dissipate. These formulas are the same except Level 2 is 8% higher in retinol than the Level 1.

Retinol Reverse & Repair Serum (Level 2)

  • Key Ingredients & Benefits:Retinol and vitamin A reduces wrinkles by working to repair DNA in individual cells. Vitamin A is an anti-oxidant and promotes the growth of new cells. Vitamin E, an anti-oxidant prevents destruction of the lipid part of the cell membranes. Besides promoting the healing of damaged skin and reducing aging, it also helps to preserve the other vitamins in the formula. Green tea extract traps free radicals that damage skin. Hyaluronic acid is a water binding, lubricating, and protective agent. Resveratrol is rich in polyphenols that are catechins. Catechins trap free radicals that damage the skin. Catechins also retard the growth of harmful bacteria in the skin. MSM is a natural compound of all cells that helps skin retain moisture, while then reducing fine lines. MSM also scavenges free radical oxygen to prevent damage to healthy skin. Aloe vera is a plant that promotes healing and increases circulation to the skin. It has been used for centuries to treat various types of skin damage.

    All Ingredients: Water, jojoba oil, retinol, silcone oil, vitamin e, capric/caprylic esters, MSM, hyaluronic acid, ascorbyl dmae, glyceryl monostearate, resveratrol, aloe vera, lipoic acid, zinc, green tea extract, polysorbate 20 (emulsifier), glycine (amino acid buffering agent), sodium bicarbonate (PH adjuster), carbopol 940 (thickener), flower oil of lemon, lime, and orange.

  • Recommended to start with Level 1 then work up to Level 2 if appropriate. Use PM only using one pump on clean skin. Some skins may only be able to use every other night. MUST use a daily sunscreen.